Better Efficiency through Biometric Solutions 

Running public social services nowadays such as a national healthcare program, a pension system, or a refugee management system is a complex process. Streamlining administration of this process calls for a dependable, flexible and effective IT system.

Neurotechnology ​invites you to modernize the management of your social services by introducing our multibiometric solutions. By connecting an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) with multiple physical locations, storing and matching of biometric data can be done centrally. With the facilitated person identification and authentication process, you can expect unprecedented gains in the quality of your social services.

High-Performance Algorithms

  • For many years, the fingerprint, iris and face recognition algorithms by Neurotechnology are among the best in the world based on the annual evaluations by NIST
  • We are dedicated to consistent improvement of all our algorithms to make them even faster and more accurate.