Turnkey multi-biometric solution

A high-performance biometric identification solution developed in-house by Neurotechnology using award-winning technologies. It is ready for immediate use or can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and includes all necessary components for government and enterprise applications at worldwide scale.


MegaMatcher ABIS helps you explore limitless opportunities brought by biometrics technology one task at a time.



Key Functionalities

Easy to use Biometric enrollment


Our suite of biometrics enrolment includes all of the most prevalent biometrics identification methods, such as fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris recognition, with more than 150 supported capture devices for fingerprint and iris readers, as well as off-the-shelf web and IP cameras. A combination of standard and proprietary algorithms ensure unparalleled quality assessment, while our ICAO complaint facial image capturing is capable of comprehensive capture checks including washed out colours, background uniformity, face darkness, skin tone, skin reflections, glasses reflections, red-eye effect and looking away eyes, as well as automatic red-eye effect correction. On top of all this our suite also includes document scanning capability.

Powerful Biometric matching

Biometric matching

Biometric matching is something we absolutely excel at, offering industry leading accuracy and performance with multiple options that are best tailored to your needs, from 1:1 verification for unmatched speed and security, tech widely used in smartphone applications, 1:N identification suitable for large database applications and N:N deduplication to spot and terminate duplicates for use cases with risk of fraudulent activity. Our tunable matching process minimizes potential mistakes by, for instance, detecting any anomalous behaviour present in the system. We also provide multiple galleries for all aforementioned types of biometric matching for added convenience.

Biometric identity matching

Identity management

Using our suite for identity management is a breeze, we provide our customers with tools for extensive lifecycle management, all the way from registration, any updates made during the lifecycle through to profile deletion. We offer a configurable workflow to better suit your particular needs and the possibility of customizing select identity profiles, including a user defined set of biographic attributes, documents and biometric modalities. This also includes the option of manual decision making regarding complex biometric operations tied to a particular profile, as well as the ability of creating watchlists to organize identities into isolated blocks with restricted access.

Biometric data analysis

Data analysis

Additionally, our suite includes a dedicated forensic analysis module for law enforcement applications, with fingerprint capturing and our latent editor available out of the box. The latent editor makes it easy to edit and enhance input images with an increased likelihood of finding a match. We make it easy for you to manage, edit and securely store any latent fingerprint data that can then be easily accessed through our suite of tools.


Multi biometric solution

Multi biometric

The solution supports fingerprint, face, iris and palmprint biometric modalities
Accurate biometrics solution


The solution is based on award-winning biometric technologies (NIST MINEX III, NIST IREX IX, NIST PFT II, NIST FRVT 2018, NIST FRVT Ongoing, NIST FrVTE 2012)
Fast processing biometric solutions


Designed for fast processing of multiple biometric operations with high accuracy and reliability
Biometric storage solutions

Unlimited storage

Store biometric and demographic information for unlimited number of people. A single personal record can contain any number of biometric records
Flexible biometric solution


Customable personal record structure (biometric data and demographic data fields), adjustable identity management and adjudication workflows
Live capturing biometric data

Live - capturing

Supports wide range of biometric devices, including fingerprint and palmprint readers, iris scanners, Web and IP cameras
Web service based biometric solutions

Easy integration

Web service-based RESTful API designed for easy and quick integration with third-party systems. Additionally, Java and .NET SDK libraries are provided.
Secure biometric solutions


Role-based access control based on industry-standard authentication mechanisms. System activities are assessable for audit.


Cloud Service

MegaMatcher ABIS can be used on cloud services which makes it more accessible from various platforms and locations, and enhances its utilization for national-scale projects. To start using this service, you can sign in here.

On-Premise Solution

It can also be used on-site, ran on regular software or in conjunction with cloud services for projects that require to perform all of their biometric functions in a physical state.