Improved Service for Everyone through Verified Biometric Identity

The civil identification solutions by Neurotechnology take advantage of the state-of-the-art biometric techniques for counterfeit-proof identification of persons along with reliable verification of this identity.

Safeguard Identity by Precluding Deception

As counterfeiting the identity of an individual could be a straightforward matter when using the conventional means, Neurotechnology offers its biometric approach to the problem of flawless civil identification that is based on fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris recognition.

AI-based Biometric Identification Solution from Neurotechnology

Our solution offers foolproof security for civil identity documents such as passports, national ID cards, drivers licenses, health insurance cards, etc. Actually, the solution will support identifying individuals based solely on their fingerprints and/or face even when no ID is available.

  • For many years, we are the front-runners at the NIST algorithmic challenge for the best fingerprint recognition within the categories of both speed and accuracy
  • Our algorithm for iris recognition was judged by NIST as the second most accurate in 2020
  • Our algorithm for matching palm prints has been the most accurate overall and fastest among the five most accurate candidates as evaluated by NIST in 2019
  • Our algorithm for face recognition was among the top most accurate in the vendor competition of 2018
  • The architecture of our ABIS supports easy scaling and integration