With our Criminal Identification solution, the law enforcement community is provided with a handy platform for using our proprietary biometric technologies to identify suspects fast and accurately.

AI-based Criminal Identification Solution from Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology ABIS integrates fingerprint, face and palmprint recognition technologies in a powerful software package that streamlines the investigation process by enabling rapid queries in huge databases with millions of records.

  • For many years, we are the front-runners at the NIST algorithmic challenge for the best fingerprint recognition within the categories of both speed and accuracy
  • Our algorithm for iris recognition was judged by NIST as the second most accurate in 2020
  • Our algorithm for matching palm prints has been the most accurate overall and fastest among the five most accurate candidates as evaluated by NIST in 2019
  • Our algorithm for face recognition was among the top most accurate in the vendor competition of 2018
  • The architecture of our ABIS supports easy scaling and integration

Law enforcement case studies

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