Supported devices

ScannerWindows Vista / 7Windows 8Windows 10Linux
32 bit64 bit32 bit64 bit32 bit64 bit32 bit64 bit
3M Cogent CSD 330+ +   
Abilma UNITY++++  ++
ACS AET62++++  ++
ACS AET65++++++++
ARH AFS 510++  ++++
Athena ASEDrive IIIe Combo Bio F2++++  
BioID BioSlap++    
BioLink U-Match MatchBook v.3.5+++++++
Biometrika Fx2000+ +   
Biometrika Fx2100++(1)++(1)++
Biometrika Fx3000+     
Biometrika HiScan++(1)++(1)++
Biometrika HiScan PRO++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Guardian FW++(1)    
Cross Match Guardian USB++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Guardian-F USB++(1)    
Cross Match L Scan 500P++(1)    
Cross Match Patrol++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Patrol ID++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Verifier 300 Classic++(1)    
Cross Match Verifier 300 LC++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Verifier 300 LC 2.0++(1)++(1)++
Cross Match Verifier 320 LC++(1)++(1)++
DERMALOG F1+ +++++
DERMALOG LF10+ ++(1)+++
DigitalPersona EikonTouch 710++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 Module++++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 scanner++++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 scanner++++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100 Module++++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100 Reader++++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5160 Reader++++++++
DigitalPersona U.are.U 5200 Module++++++++
DigitalPersona (UPEK) Eikon Solo++++++++
DigitalPersona (UPEK) EikonTouch 300++++++++
DigitalPersona (UPEK) EikonTouch 500++++++++
DigitalPersona (UPEK) EikonTouch 700++++++++
Fujitsu MBF200++    ++
Futronic eFAM (FS84)++++  ++
Futronic FS10++++++++
Futronic FS26++++++++
Futronic FS50++++++++
Futronic FS60+ ++++
Futronic FS64++++++
Futronic FS80++++++++
Futronic FS80H++++++++
Futronic FS82++++++++
Futronic FS88++++++++
Futronic FS88H++++++++
Futronic FS90++++++++
Green Bit DactyID20++++++++
Green Bit DactyScan40i++(1)++(1)++
Green Bit DactyScan84c++++++
Green Bit DactyScan84n++(1)++(1)++
Green Bit MultiScan527++++++
HFSecurity HF-4000++++  
HFSecurity HF-7000++++++
Hongda S500+     
Hongda S680+     
Hongda S700+     
Integrated Biometrics Columbo++++++++
Integrated Biometrics Columbo OEM++++++++
Integrated Biometrics Curve++(1)++(1)++(1)++
Integrated Biometrics Kojak++++++++
Integrated Biometrics LES650+++++++
Integrated Biometrics Sherlock++    ++
Integrated Biometrics Watson++++++++
Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini++++++++
Koehlke KIAU-5110B3+ ++(1)++
L-1 DFR 2080+     
L-1 DFR 2090+     
L-1 DFR 2100++(1)  ++
L-1 DFR 2300++(1)    
Lumidigm M300 sensor++    +
Lumidigm M301 sensor  ++  +
Lumidigm M311 sensor++++(1)++(1)+
Lumidigm M321 sensor++    
Lumidigm V371 reader++++++++
Lumidigm Venus V300 OEM module+     +
Lumidigm Venus V302 reader+     +
Miaxis SM-2BU  +   
NeuBio MARS 02++++  
NEXT Biometrics NB-3010-U++++++++
NEXT Biometrics NB-3023-U2++++++++
NITGEN eNBioScan-C1++++++
NITGEN eNBioScan-D plus   + +
NITGEN eNBioScan-F++++  +
NITGEN Fingkey Hamster++++++
NITGEN Fingkey Hamster II++++++
NITGEN Fingkey Mouse III++++++
SecuGen Hamster III+++++ 
SecuGen Hamster IV++++++
SecuGen Hamster Plus++++++
SecuGen Hamster Pro++++  
SecuGen Hamster Pro 20++  ++
SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo CL++++  
SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV++++++
SecuGen iD-USB SC++++++
SecuGen iD-USB SC/PIV++++++
Shanghai Fingertech BIOCA-111+     
Startek FC320U+   + 
Startek FM220U+   + 
Startek FPC360U+ +   
Suprema BioMini++++++++
Suprema BioMini Combo  ++++
Suprema BioMini Plus++++++++
Suprema BioMini Plus2++++++++
Suprema BioMini SFU-S20++++++++
Suprema BioMini Slim++++++++
Suprema BioMini Slim 2++++++
Suprema RealScan G1++++  
Suprema RealScan-10++++++
Suprema RealScan-D++++++++
Suprema RealScan-F++++++
Suprema RealScan-G10+++++++
Suprema RealScan-G10F+++++++
Suprema SFR300-S++++++++
Suprema SFU300++++++++
Tacoma CMOS+     ++
Testech Bio-i CYTE+ + ++
TopLink Pacific BLUEFiN++++  ++
TST Biometrics BiRD 3+     
UnionCommunity ViRDI FOH02SC+ +   
UPEK Eikon++++++++
UPEK Eikon To Go++++++++
UPEK TouchChip TCRU1C++++++
UPEK TouchChip TCRU2C++++++
ZKSoftware ZK4000+ + + 
ZKSoftware ZK4500++  + 
ZKSoftware ZK6000+     
ZKSoftware ZK7000+     
ZKSoftware ZK8000+     
Zvetco Verifi P5100++++++++

(1) the 64-bit OS support is limited to using 32-bit applications.

These cameras are supported by MegaMatcher ABIS:

Any webcam or camera that is accessible using:

  • DirectShow interface for Microsoft Windows platform.
  • GStreamer interface for Linux platform.

Any IP camera, that supports RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol):

  • Only RTP over UDP is supported.
  • VLC framework can be optionally used for reading video streams.
  • H.264/MPEG-4 AVC or Motion JPEG should be used for encoding the video stream.

These specific models of high-resolution IP cameras are supported:

  • Axis M1114 camera (Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Basler BIP2-1600-25c-DN IP camera (Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Cisco 4500 IP camera (Microsoft Windows only)
  • CMITech EMX-30 – face & iris camera (Microsoft Windows only)
  • PiXORD N606 camera (Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Prosilica GigE Vision camera (Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Sony SNC-CS50 camera (Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Uniview IPC2322EBR-DPZ28 camera
  • VistaFA2 / VistaFA2E / VistaEY2 face & iris cameras (Microsoft Windows only)
 Device nameMicrosoft
Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
32 bit64 bit32 bit64 bit
CMITech BMT-20 / EMX-30++  
Cross Match I Scan 2++(1)  
Iris ID iCAM T10 / iCAM TD100++  
Iritech IriShield USB MK 2120U / IriShield-USB BK 2121U++++
Iritech IriMagic1000BK++(1)  
VistaFA2 / VistaFA2E / VistaEY2 / VistaEY2-02 / VistaEY2R iris & face cameras++  
VistaEY2H iris camera++  

(1) Can be used on 64-bit OS, but only in 32-bit applications.