National ID / passport MMABIS

National ID

Large scale projects, where high accuracy and speed is extremely important. MegaMatcher ABIS makes biometric passports or identity cards projects easily implementable.

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Voter registration MMABIS

Voter registration

In some countries not all citizens are registered and identified, they do not have identity documents also. To make voting process fair and legal, voters can be identified with their biometric data, in that way it can be guaranteed that none of the electors voted more than once.

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Border control MMABIS

Border control

Biometrics become more and more popular in border control systems. It helps not only to check if the person is wanted, but also controls if the identity document belongs to the particular person and is not stolen.

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Law enforcement / forensic / criminal MMABIS

Forensic / Criminal

Find the criminal by using his biometrical data is quite standard and effective scenario for police or other law enforcement institutions. ABIS is able to find the certain person even in a huge biometrical databases.

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Social services MMABIS

Social services

Projects where biometrical data is used to identify person, who doesn’t have any personal identification document. For example food sharing, charity, etc.

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Healthcare MMABIS


It is very easy to register patients with their biometrical data. What is even more useful – no medical prescription is needed when attending the pharmacy. It is just enough to smile to the camera or put the finger on scanner and all the information will be available on the pharmacist’s screen.

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Banking systems MMABIS

Banking systems

Fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technologies become more mainstream in banking and financial services. Biometric technologies can help to address common security threats and enrich customer experience by simplifying the verification process.

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